Hospice Brochure

Finding Your Support During Grief

By Amy Fitzpatrick, PCSW
Bereavement Coordinator

Often grief has a tendency to feel isolating and in the midst of our grief we can lose sight of whom or where we can turn to for support. In these times, it can help to have someone to talk to and with whom you can share your thoughts. Please know that it is not uncommon to feel that those you expected to be there seem distant. Sometimes you may need to ask for help. Our supporters at times fear that they will not be able to help, or perhaps, make things worse. So, they might appear hesitant or not there in your time of need. Letting them know that you just need someone to listen to you, someone who will let you cry or someone to help with errands is all that you need.

Some identified support can be found through Friends, Family, Neighbors, Counselors, Doctors, Church, Civic Groups, and Clubs. Remember, you are not alone. If you are looking for individual, family or social support please contact CWHTP at (307) 577-4832.